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Your Journey Toward Retirement Starts Now

Join us for an entertaining and informative seminar. You’ll discover the personal finance and investment strategies you need to help you reach your financial goals, all presented in common-sense, plain English that’s simple and easy to understand!

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Mind Over Money: How Your Emotions Can Keep You From Reaching Your Financial Goals

Wondering if your emotions are controlling your investing decisions? Take control of your money and feel good about your future!

In this fun, entertaining seminar, we’ll explore how your emotions are affecting the way you make personal financial decisions — and how they can impact your ability to achieve financial success and security.

You’ll learn the science behind your emotions so that you can apply it to your long-term investing strategy — helping you to confidently manage your money.

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How Financial Innovations Are Changing Your Future

There are many exciting shifts taking place that will have an impact on your personal financial planning, career planning and savings. With so much innovation occurring, we invite you to stay up to date with this new on-demand video!


The Financial Plan You Need for Now, Later and Much Later

Join Ric Edelman as he shares his eye-opening insights about the impact that the future will have on your finances — and how critical it is that you prepare for it now, with three plans!

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Financial Goals Planning

Your financial goals are unique to your life and future dreams … and we want to help you achieve them.

Take just 15 minutes to find out how to start with small, easy steps toward achieving your goals. Goal-setting isn’t so scary with a good plan in place to help you stay on course. We can help with that.


Getting the Most From Your Retirement Plan at Work

You’re probably contributing to your 401(k), 403(b) or other workplace retirement plan each month, but are you doing everything you need to do to avoid the missteps that could hurt you in the future?


The Truth About Retirement Plans and IRAs Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn the four investments you should never choose for your retirement plan, what to do with old retirement accounts, and much more.


Estate Planning: Keeping Your Money in the Family

Are you – or a friend of family member – dealing with inheritance or estate planning issues? This webinar addresses the importance of family dynamics, how to begin thinking about the question "Who gets what?” and much more.