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Dec 04, 2017

Conducting a Year-End Investment Review

Ric explains how and why you should conduct a review of your investments, especially if you've had any recent life changes.

Jun 22, 2016

Collect $200 – Digitally – When You Pass ‘Go’

Collect $200 – Digitally – When You Pass ‘Go’ Ric Edelman shares how Monopoly is going digital and how the new rules affect the way you play.

Aug 26, 2013

Does Buy-and-Hold Beat Market Timing?

market timing, market timing startegies Ric Edelman says buy and hold wins 100% of the time. Now extensive research proves that he's wrong - sort of.

Jul 07, 2016

Colorful Socks: The Funk Hasn’t Sunk

Colorful Socks: The Funk Hasn't Sunk Ric Edelman reveals how wearing crazy, colored socks has contributed to his position as a thought leader in the financial industry.

Jul 29, 2013

Did You Stay Invested During the 2008 Economic Crisis?

Millions of Americans left the market in 2008, but if you stayed focused on your long-term investment goals you've been rewarded for your confidence and fortitude.

Feb 09, 2018

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Even When the Market Is Volatile

Happy senior Asian couple enjoying retirment Financial expert Ric Edelman explains why you shouldn't worry about a volatile marketplace if you have a long-term investment strategy.

Jun 15, 2016

4 Simple Things You Should Do With Your Money

4 Simple Things You Should Do With Your Money Financial advisor Ric Edelman provides a 4-step process on what you should be doing with your money. How many are you following?

Apr 23, 2014

Don’t Let Michael Lewis Scare You Out of Investing

Don’t let Michael Lewis’s book on high-frequency trading worry you. Be more worried about what will happen to you if you don’t invest in the stock market.

Feb 19, 2014

Should You Keep or Sell Rental Property?

Is rental property a good investment or a money pit? Ric Edelman has specific advice for this military retiree.

Feb 25, 2014

Does the Past Affect Your Current Investing Habits?

Are you afraid of ghosts? I don’t mean the kind that go bump in the night. I mean the kind of ghosts that can hurt your financial decisions.