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Aug 18, 2017

Should You Keep Your Rental Property?

Ric reveals why being on the business side of real estate might not be right for you. Episode produced in 2012.

Nov 01, 2013

Do You Wish You'd Never Bought That Timeshare?

Timeshare regrets Can you get out of your timeshare deal? Check out the best options and the dangers inherent in each.

Mar 23, 2017

10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Home

affordable home calculator, affordability calculator house, affordability calculator Home ownership Answer these simple questions to find out if you’re ready to buy a home and learn the advantages of owning vs. renting.

Feb 02, 2018

11 Great Reasons to Carry a Big, Long Mortgage

affordability calculator, average tax return after buying house, smart mortgage Questions about mortgage affordability? Ric Edelman explains the benefits of a long mortgage and why you should not pay off your mortgage loan.

Feb 01, 2018

Yes, Even Under the New Tax Law, You Should Still Carry a Big, Long Mortgage

Ever since I’ve been a financial advisor — more than 30 years now — I’ve recommended the virtues of getting as big a mortgage as you can and never paying it off. I’ve got 11 great reasons why this is advice you should strongly con...

Aug 20, 2013

When to See the Mortgage Company

When preparing to buy a house, most people start with a real estate agent. That seems to be the correct first step — after all, it's a house you want to

Dec 08, 2016

A Valuable Financial Lesson From Foreign Powers

A Valuable Financial Lesson From Foreign Powers Ric Edelman explains why you might want to refinance your home due to low interest rates on mortgages.

Dec 06, 2017

What You Should Know About Your Home Insurance Before a Disaster

What You Should Know About Your Insurance Before A Disaster (1) Next time you hop on a plane for a long flight, here’s a great read to take along with you: Your homeowners insurance policy. OK, it might not be as exciting as a novel by your favorite author, but reading it could save you hundreds — even thousand...

Jan 10, 2018

Am I Sunk If My Mortgage Is Underwater?

Ric Edelman presents the options to a homeowner who wants to sell but her home is underwater.

Mar 02, 2015

Low Mortgage Interest Rates: It’s Smart Business

what are mortgages, 20 year vs 30 year mortgage Corporations are taking advantage of low interest rates. Are you? Learn the opportunity you might have with low mortgage interest rates and your home equity.