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Feb 17, 2014

Q&A: Is investing in a Target-Date Fund a Smart Move

Question: I am considering investing my retirement savings in a 2020 fund. How would you evaluate it? Ric: The fund you describe is known as a target-date

Apr 01, 2015

Q&A: Are Index Funds Bad During a Bull Market?

Ric Edelman answers a question based on a website article stating index funds mislead investors because they are bad during a bull market.

Jun 15, 2015

Q&A: Why Pay on a Fee Schedule?

Ric Edelman explains why financial advisors don’t have fee schedules dependent on a client’s investment results where you pay only if your account earns money.

May 07, 2013

QUESTION: Poor Advice on Variable Annuity?

Question: Our financial advisor recommended that my husband and I transfer the money from our two IRAs into a variable annuity that has a minimum guarantee

Mar 09, 2015

Q&A: Medicaid Benefits and Your Assets

Medicaid Benefits and Your Assets – Edelman Financial

May 07, 2014

Q&A: Can a Bank Own Contents of Mom's Safe Deposit Box?

Can a bank own the content of my deceased mother's safe deposit box?

Jul 01, 2015

Q&A: Indexed Annuity for Long-Term Income?

A couple received a suggestion to invest about half of their retirement savings into an indexed annuity for long-term income. What’s Ric Edelman’s perspective?

May 05, 2015

Q&A: What to Do with Stock Dividends?

Q&A: What to do With Stock Dividends In answering a question about owning dividend-paying stocks, Ric Edelman explains how they differ from a mutual fund containing dividend-paying stocks.

Aug 18, 2014

Q&A: Rebalancing 101

Ric Edelman explains that the primary goal of investments is to reduce risk — not to try to improve profit.

Sep 09, 2013

Q&A: Green Light to Gamble?

Question: I like to gamble, so I’d like to invest $10,000 in puts and calls, penny stocks — those kinds of things — and keep these separate from other