Introducing the RIC-E Trust®

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When it comes to children and savings, most people think only about college costs. College is worthwhile, of course. But what’s the real purpose of sending a youngster to college?

It’s to get an education so your child can get a good job. Then, with a good job, they can earn a good income so they can save for retirement and, hopefully, live comfortably in their elder years.

Why not help them by setting aside some money for their retirement while they’re still young?

The idea is exciting, but you must overcome two challenges. First, there’s the annual tax liability due on an investment’s annual earnings. Second, money you set aside for a child becomes accessible when he or she reaches age 18 — meaning the child might spend the money before he or she ever reaches retirement.

The RIC-E Trust® addresses both these issues for you, helping you provide a more secure retirement for your children and grandchildren.

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