To Enroll, Follow These 10 Easy Steps

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  1. You are the Grantor, meaning you are the person establishing the Trust, so enter your contact information. We will notify you when it is time to send the contribution check.

  2. If a second person is joining you in establishing the Trust, provide his or her contact information as well.

  3. For each Trust you want to establish, enter the full name of the child; his or her relationship to you; and the child’s address, date of birth and Social Security number.

    Enter the age for the child to be eligible to receive the Trust’s assets (must be age 59½ or older).

    The minimum contribution is $5,000. You may contribute as much as you wish. Due to gift tax laws, we recommend you talk to a Financial Advisor, tax advisor or estate attorney if you plan to contribute more than $14,000.

    If you wish to create a RIC-E Trust® for more than three children, please complete a separate Enrollment Form.

  4. Each Trust must have a Trustee. Tell us who you are designating

  5. Tell us who you wish to designate as Successor Trustee, if any.

  6. Tell us how you are funding the Trust by filling out the Transaction Disclosure (must be completed regardless of source of funds).

  7. OPTIONAL: Complete this section only if you wish to name a Financial Advisor different from Edelman Financial Services, LLC.

  8. Acknowledge the important disclosures and additional information.

  9. Be sure to sign the Enrollment Form (“sign now” portion) before mailing. Please do not send the contribution check until we contact you to do so.

  10. Mail the forms to: Edelman Business Services, LLC, 4000 Legato Road, 9th Floor, Fairfax, VA 22033-2055. Enclose the enrollment fee of $200 per child payable to Edelman Business Services, LLC. If you are a client of Edelman Financial Services and have an account in the Edelman Managed Asset Program, the enrollment fee is waived.

Investment Prospectus

Edelman Business Services, LLC (“EBS”) is the marketer and licensor of the RIC-E Trust® and an affiliate of Edelman Financial Services, LLC (“EFS”), a Registered Investment Advisor.

The advisors of Edelman Financial Services are also Registered Representatives of EF Legacy Securities, LLC an affiliated broker-dealer, member FINRA/SIPC, and are acting in their capacity as Registered Representatives of EF Legacy Securities, LLC when offering the RIC-E Trust® and any related securities. EFLS, EFS and EBS are affiliated companies. Other financial advisors not associated with EFS, but who may be selected by the client, are individual Registered Representatives with other broker-dealers.