Benefits for Employers

The Simple Solution

Save time. The Edelman 401(k) Plan lets you outsource your company’s administrative chores, reducing your administrative burden and paperwork. Your HR and accounting staff will be free to work on more important projects to help your company grow.

Save money. Our compensation is strictly  limited to a one-time set-up fee and one annual management fee*, which includes our advisory services as well as all plan record-keeping, administration and investment management expenses. Our tiered fee schedule automatically lowers your fee rate as your plan’s assets grow.

Boost employee morale. Our professionally managed portfolios offer highly diversified asset allocation models to meet your employees’ investment needs. And Edelman Financial provides the information to help them make educated decisions, making for more satisfied employees.

Enjoy timely reporting. Edelman Financial handles all account-related record-keeping chores and gives your employees regular reports and statements along with 24/7 access to their accounts.

Help reduce your liability. From assisting in creating, reviewing or rewriting your Investment Policy Statement to conducting periodic reviews to assist in complying with current and new regulations, Edelman Financial stays on top of all the regulatory and legal issues to help you manage your liability. As a Registered Investment Advisor, our advice is always to be in your and your employees’ best interests.

Turnkey system. When choosing The Edelman 401(k) Plan, you’ll enjoy ease and convenience you never thought possible — starting with an easy transition from your existing plan.

The professionals at Edelman Financial will:

  • Design your plan
  • Prepare all necessary documents for you
  • Review key features of the plan with your staff
  • Mail notifications to employees
  • Open and administer accounts
  • Transfer assets and employee data

We’ll handle all account-related record-keeping and ongoing monitoring by:

  • Sending quarterly statements to plan participants
  • Tracking company contributions and legal documentation
  • Handling IRS-required ADP/ACP tests
  • Preparing the annual IRS Form 5500
  • Executing asset reviews
  • Conducting compliance review of TPAs

We’ll also help your employees make educated investment decisions by:

  • Helping them assess their risk tolerance
  • Giving them an asset allocation analysis through our proprietary “Guide to Portfolio Selection
  • Executing our fiduciary duty to serve our clients’ best interests
  • Delivering comprehensive portfolios that match each employee’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals
  • Offering 24/7 online account access
  • Giving each employee personal access to an experienced financial advisor via telephone and email
  • Teaching your employees about personal finance through articles, newsletters, books, seminars and webinars.

401(k) plans that lack these features may create liabilities for employers and could cost employees money.

*Services covered by this fee include record-keeping and custodial access, annual administration and advisory services. Additional fees apply for participant loans or distributions, additional payroll sources, postage, additional employer consulting, record-keeping and termination/deconversion services above and beyond what is included in the plan.