It's Never Too Late

... to Become Physically — and Financially — Fit

There’s no age restriction on getting physically fit and staying in top condition.

Just ask one of our clients — Linda Leightley of Fairfax, Va.

The 69-year-old mother of three and grandmother of six set two world records this summer as a member of the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation. Linda broke the recordsin the deadlift (lifting 248.5 pounds)and the powerlifting trio — squat,bench press and deadlift — in herage and weight category.

And she started in the sport only a few years ago.

In her early 60s, she told us, she wanted to lose weight and increase her physical fitness so she joined a local gym and hired a trainer. In only a year, thanks to regular exercise and five small meals a day, she dropped from 160 to 125 pounds and her dress size shrank from 12 to 4. She maintained her workout routine, and when she turned 65 her trainer encouraged her to enter powerlifting competitions.

Even though she works full time for a local government, she continues to train four hours a week. She says it’s never too late to begin a physical fitness regimen, but notes that staying in shape requires a lifestyle change.

We could say the same for financial planning. It’s never too late to start — and you don’t need to set records to meet your goals.

Originally published in Inside Personal Finance October 2014

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