Jan 22, 2015 by Ric Edelman

The 4 Traps of Required Minimum Distributions

Sometimes I think the IRS rules on Required Minimum Distributions are so complex that Congress did it on purpose to make you pay extra. Learn more about the 4 biggest traps before you get caught in one.

Dec 08, 2014 by Ric Edelman

A Great New Retirement Savings Opportunity You Should Ignore

The pension rollover option created by a new PBGC rule is a great idea for some. Learn why it’s a bad idea for you, and what you should do instead.

Nov 20, 2014 by Ric Edelman

How a Great Idea from Congress Could Help You Save for Retirement

Learn what game theory and saving money have in common, and how legislation going through Congress could encourage more people to save for retirement.