The Reassuring Part of the Market Plunge

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My phone has been ringing off the hook. What might surprise you is who is NOT calling.

As you know, the stock market has fallen dramatically since last Thursday and caused a borderline panic for some. So I spent Monday talking to Yahoo!Finance and MarketWatch and NPR and many other media outlets.

But despite the news about the markets, I’m not having to spend the day calming the nerves of our clients. We have 27,000 of them, but fewer than 3 out of every 100 of our clients has called.* Why? There are 3 big reasons.

  1. Back in July I warned my clients that this could be coming.
  2. We remind them that they’re invested for a long-term horizon and that they should not focus on daily headlines.
  3. We invest our clients' assets into highly diversified portfolios that can help protect them from losses in any one market sector.

It’s been a hard few days for the Dow but the world is not gonna crash. It’s not falling in on itself.

Not convinced? Check out what I think is the most important chart on investing you’ll ever see.

It’s important to realize that we’ve seen this before, many times. That means we know how this movie ends.

And that’s reassuring.

*As of 8-21-15