One Truly Shocking Hospital Bill

The Cost of Healthcare

Don't accuse me of snooping, but I recently came upon a bill for my grandmother’s 8-day hospital stay at the University of Pennsylvania.

Including charges for her room…x-rays ... cardiology ... labs ... drugs ... and operating room…how much do you guess the total cost was?

I'll give you a hint.

The first digit is a 5.

The second digit is a 6.

The third digit is a 3.

And ... there are no more digits.

Yep, the total bill was $563!

You see, my grandmother’s hospitalization occurred in 1963. Here’s her bill:

  • Room and Board:  $240 (that’s $30 a day)
  • Drugs:    $  11.50
  • Operating Room:  $  10
  • Cardiologist:   $  15
  • X-Rays:   $185

She incurred a $40 co-pay and Blue Cross paid the rest.

My, how things have changed.  The average healthy couple retiring next year will spend $366,000 on health care costs during retirement, according to HealthView Services.

If you don’t plan for these expenses now, the only way you’ll be able to handle your health care bills will be to travel back in time.