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WELCOME to the award-winning investment management firm of Edelman Financial Services. For 30 years, tens of thousands of people just like you have enjoyed the advice and services provided by our experienced financial advisors. Now, thanks to the latest technology, you can enjoy complete access to our investment management services ONLINE!

We Serve...

Most investment management firms require that you invest $250,000, $500,000, $1 million or even more! However, with Edelman Financial Services, you can open an account with just $5,000. Of course, we’re happy to serve our affluent and wealthy individuals, families and organizations who comprise the majority of our clientele, and we’re equally proud to offer our services to the millions of Americans who are turned away by other investment advisors. Indeed, we’ve learned over the years that it’s as much fun helping people become wealthy as it is helping people stay that way! This commitment reflects our dedication to community service.

Our Investment Management...

The Edelman Managed Asset Program® gives you the ability to invest in the same way that institutional investors, pension funds and endowments invest their billions of dollars – using the same investment strategies they often use.

Many other investment advisors place every client into one of just three investment models – "Are you conservative, moderate or aggressive?" they ask. How silly! You know you don’t fit into some narrowly designed box, and we know it, too. So instead of forcing you into a one-size-fits-all strategy, EMAP features dozens of asset allocation models, each offering exposure to as many as 19 asset classes and market sectors.

But which of our dozens of models (or combination of models) is right for you? To find out, use our unique, interactive Guide to Portfolio Selection. It’s fast, fun and free! And then, if you wish, you’ll be ready to open your EMAP account.

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